What Is Detoxify Toxin substances are pretty much of our daily life; the environment
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How to Detox After a Weekend of Drinking Sure you have had too much of alcohol during a weekend at a bar.

How to Detox After a Weekend of Drinking

Sure you have had too much of alcohol during a weekend at a bar. Its okay and you still can get on with your life. But what about the toxins and alcohol that is circulating in your bloodstream and got accumulated in your liver? Read on to find out how to detox after a weekend of drinking.

In basic term, detoxing your body is to clean your inner organs from the harmful elements (such as additives, preservatives, and even excess fat) out of your body so there’s only the good stuff of vitamins and minerals instead of the bad stuff. What more when you have been heavily drinking over the weekend, your liver is definitely full of toxic alcohol that needs to detoxify as soon as possible.

Dangers of drinking are well – known, period. Excessive consumption of alcohol can affect your life negatively in many ways and various unpleasant symptoms can be felt as soon as after you have stop drinking and no, it’s not just the hangover;

  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Feeling agitated, paranoid, and delusion unreasonable
  • Increased body temperature, elevate blood pressure and heart rate
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Seizures

To begin your detox; cut off from drinking. Drinking again will only stimulate your body and causes you to be dependent on it. Other stimulants such as caffeine and tobacco are the same as well. While refraining your body from those stimulants, load up with tons of water to hydrate and replenish your body to flush out all of those dangerous toxic elements from your body. Having enough water is also beneficial as you won’t burden your kidneys to work extra hard in processing the waste.

Have a short 12 – hour fast for one or two days. Load your body with plenty of fruits, veggies, and fish on the other side of your fasting to prep your body to detox effectively. As you fast, no extra foods or drinks are consumed so you won’t add more toxins to your body, while letting the inner organs a chance to detox and deep cleanse itself effectively (beneficial especially for liver, kidney, and digestive tract). After you end your fast (by then the toxins are circulating in your bloodstream) keep drinking more water to flush out those toxins that have been processed from your body.

Eat foods that are healthy. By overloading positive elements into your body, there will be no room for the negative ones! Plenty of fruits, veggies, and fiber keep your inner organs well primed to function at their optimum level.

How to Detox After a Weekend of Drinking

How to Detox After a Weekend of Drinking

Detox you liver with herb supplements which are widely available in stores while homemade recipes work just as well. Green tea is well – known for its full body detoxing properties that are useful to detox your body fully.  For detox targeting your liver, have a milk thistle supplement and omega – 3 essential fatty acids to heal your live as well as reducing inflammation that are caused by alcohol. B vitamins and trace mineral are also beneficial to replace what have been lost during alcohol consumption.

It’s naturally okay to forget to maintain healthy lifestyle after a stressful event and you accidentally binge drinking during your weekend off. But with detox, you now how to heal your body avoid such situations of heavy drinking again.


How to Detox After a Weekend of Drinking and see more article.

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